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Assembly and Commissioning

    This workshop has an area of 10,000m2. It is staffed by highly skilled and experienced assembly operators, which contributes to a significant increase in product stability and work efficiency.

    These operators are assembling the flatbed printer’s trolley and power distribution unit.

    These employees are mounting the housing, air-expanding shaft and other components on our textile printing machine.

    Installing a vacuum table on the printing machine


    Right after the flatbed printer is assembled, parallelism testing will be done on the vacuum table and guide rails with the use of a dial indicator. We maintain a parallelism of less than 0.5mm.

    The assembled printing machine will undergo a comprehensive range of tests to ensure its optimum performance. The main testing points are: X-, Y- and Z-axis gear ratio, ultraviolet light function, repositioning accuracy, cleaning parameters, and so forth.

Guide Rail Testing

    Using a marble ruler and a high-precision dial indicator enables the straightness of a guide rail to reach 0.2mm. It also ensures the parallelism of two guide rails reaches 0.01mm.

    The unqualified guide rails need to be adjusted until they are completely parallel to the marble ruler.

Sample Printing Department

    This department is used for testing all samples to ensure the new products of superior quality.

    International customers come to see our samples.

    We use special waterproof ink for sample printing applications. This enables us to achieve a meticulously printed image with clear definition and accurate colors.

Sample Room

    In this sample room, our UV flatbed printer allows nice pictures to be precisely printed onto any kind of surface. Available surfaces include ceramic tile, glass, wood panel, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone slab, leather and cloth etc. This machine supports single-color and multi-color printing, which eliminates the need for plate making, printing exposure unit or printing registration.

Spare Parts Warehouse

    Our warehouse maintains sufficient inventory to ensure prompt delivery. All spare parts are recorded and arranged in very accessible order, which allows a great increase in work efficiency.

    This servo motor is imported from Panasonic brand. A high-quality motor provides a strong guarantee on both the stability and durability of our product.

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