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YD-1510 UV Flatbed Printer

    YD-1510 UV flatbed printer is designed with the latest version of double printhead imported from Epson Company. It can work on a wide variety of flat object which has a dimension of 1500mmx1000mm and a height of up to 90mm. Those flat objects include wood panel, glass, sheet metal, stone slab, paper, acrylic, cloth and building materials etc.

This product is constructed with numerous state-of-the-art technologies, including bidirectional printing, automatic nozzle detection, automatic nozzle cleaning, variable-sized ink droplet technology etc. Plus our in-house precise positioning and optimized program, it will make your experience fun and interesting.

    Our UV flatbed inkjet printer supports CMYK printing. Upon request, its configuration can be upgraded to improve the product’s price to performance ratio.

  • Automatic cleaning function can effectively prevent the printhead from being blocked. You can also set the cleaning times with software.

  • All wires in the power distribution unit are arranged in a neat and tidy manner.

  • Emergency stop button

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