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YD-6090 UV Flatbed Printer

    The YD-6090 UV flatbed printer is equipped with the new EPSON printing head which has a total of 1440 nozzles arranged in 8 rows of 180 each. Featuring a high resolution of 2280×1440dpi, it can deliver a perfectly printed image even viewed through a magnifying glass.

This product offers a printing size of 600mmx900mm. It can work on T-shirts, ceramic tiles, glass, decorative wood panels, sheet metal products, key chains, plastic sheets and other flat objects. It could be your best choice as a small-sized UV flatbed printer.

    We use the German IGUS drag chain to guarantee low noise and long lifespan.

  • An advanced system is employed to keep the nozzle moist. This enables an extended service life and improved print quality.

  • An imported water-cooled UV LED lamp offers a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

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