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YD3216-KD UV Flatbed Printer

    Advantages of YD-3216-KD UV Flatbed Printer:
    1. Equipped with a gray-scale KONICA industrial printhead
    2. 8 color options: CMYK, LC, LM, white, varnish etc.
    3. A robust steel structure with both annealing and stress relieving treatment ensures the highest level of quality.
    4. Using dual guide rails enables the machine head to possess ultra high stability.
    5. Max. printing size: 3200mm×1600mm
    6. Max. printing speed: 35m2/h
    7. By using a marble ruler, the guide rail is guaranteed to possess a straightness of at most 0.02mm and a parallelism of 0.01mm.
    8. A high-precision linear encoder is utilized to realize 720DPI printing.

    A device specially built for loading and unloading applications

  • This servo driver is imported from Panasonic, which allows the motor speed to be precisely controlled.

  • The Y-axis is driven by dual lead screw rather than a conventional belt, in order to achieve a precision of up to 0.02mm.

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